1. Nokia Solutions and Networks OY, H. Demeter, N. Vékony, T. Tettamanti, I. Varga, Á. Ludvig: DETERMINING TRAVEL INFORMATION

Invention Publication No.: WO 2014/023339 A1

(Method and system for real-time travel time calculation in road traffic network using radio signaling data)

Invention is related to research “Floating mobile data pilot in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area”.

2. Hujber R., Tettamanti T. és Varga I.: “Intelligent road traffic light system with distributed control”,

Trade-mark protection (Country of patent: Hungary), Registration number: 5034, NSZO: G08G 1/095 , Case Number: U1800160/10, 2019

Written by: BME Traffic Lab | Date: 06/02/2023 11:16 AM