The laboratory also conducts studies in the field of road traffic automation.


– Participation in the study “R&D analysis and functional system design of the digital infrastructure of the ZalaZONE Automotive Test Track”


– Participation in the study “Evaluate and test physical map data formats – capability of the formats in self-driving” for Mobility Platform (Hungary)

– Study for the Ministry of Innovation and Technology: “Analysis of different speed limit measures in Budapest using Vissim microscopic traffic simulation”


Participation in the study research for KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Ltd.: Hungary’s ITS/C-ITS Strategy. 


Support for a Budapest Közút Zrt. (Budapest Road Authority): participation in the Management Committee of CROCODILE 2.0_HU Project.


Support for the National Infrastructure Developing Plc. (road traffic and railway traffic controller analysis at a level crossing).


Participation in conducting a feasibility study for the national weigh-in-motion system (enforcement and monitoring).


Support for the Magyar Közút Nonporift Zrt. (Hungarian Public Roads) in the development projects concerning the Hungarian road traffic control system and traffic controllers.

– Study for the Hungarian Public Roads: Modernization possibilities of the Hungarian road traffic control system.
– Study for Siemens ITS Hungary: Improved application possibilities of Siemens TASS in the traffic control system of Budapest.

– Participation in the Development Project of Intermodal Station and Public Transport in the city of Kecskemét: Study of traffic control developments possibilities in the city of Kecskemét.
– Study for the Traffic Control Center of Budapest: Traffic controllers of Budapest.


The central court of Budapest ordered the colleagues of the lab as traffic automation expert in the case of a traffic accident (case nr. 172-1084/2004).

The labor court of county Pest ordered the colleagues of the lab as traffic automation expert for the completion of a former informatics expert report (case nr.  3.M.1712/2006).

Written by: BME Traffic Lab | Date: 03/02/2023 1:07 PM