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The BME Traffic Lab uses many software solutions. These tools help in creating realistic traffic simulations, simulating V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication, or creating testing and validation solutions with Mixed-reality utilizing 3D space and Digital Twin technologies. We are professional users of the following software solutions:

SUMO Traffic Simulator
PTV Vissim Traffic SImulator
PTV Visum Traffic Simulator
Unity 3D
Unreal Engine
Matlab and Simulink
IPG CarMaker


ACTROS VTC 3000 Traffic Controller

The lab owns two ACTROS road traffic controllers equipped with inductive loop detectors. The controllers are the product of Swarco Traffic Hungaria Ltd. This controller can be programmed in JAVA program language and can handle the complete language functionality. OCIT communication protocol is supported by ACTROS. The controller is also used in BSc/MSc courses.

Siemens C840XS Traffic Controller

The smallest model of SITRAFFIC family with pedestrian signals, 4 signal goups, and 6 detectors.

Traffic Lights Controlled by PLCs

 The Laboratory has Siemens PLCs (S7-1200 and LOGO! 12/24 RC models). A small traffic control system was built based on the PLCs containing 3 LED signal heads and button for pedestrian crossing. Each PLC is responsible for the control of one signal head, furthermore the equipment S7-1200 receives the pedestrian requests for a green sign. The PLC 1200 checks the operation of the two LOGO!s. The described devices simulate a fixed-time signal program with a green request opportunity for pedestrians.

Wago PLC

The laboratory has access to Wago PFC200 750-8212 PLCs, which provide multiple communication protocols and flexibility for programming. This PLC can utilize technologies like Docker or Kafka.

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

 The Lab has 2 Swarco Futurit Variable Message Signs in two sizes (96×64 and 64×64 pixels). Each pixel is realized with three RGB LEDs (red, green, blue), i.e. capable to show 64 colors. Arbitrary traffic signs (text, pictures) can be put on these screens.

Maintenance software is also available to draw new signs and manage the existing ones. A special communication protocol of the signs can also be used for dynamic control of the screens.

Written by: BME Traffic Lab | Date: 01/01/2023 1:27 PM