Every year, the Students’ Scientific Conference is organized for students. At this occasion, students carry out research works supervised by our collegues and summarize the results in a study and a presentation. 

In the table below the works supervised by the members of the lab are provided.

2021Aldiyar BelossarovEsztergár-Kiss D.Evaluation of MaaS Applications Based on Technical Aspects by Using MCDM-AHP Method3.
2021Moro Z. MatheusEsztergár-Kiss D.Sensitivity analysis of the activity chain optimization parameterspraiseworthy
2021Tőkés, L.Tettamanti, T., Gressai, M.Simulation planning for traffic light control system of ZalaZONE Smart City Zonepraiseworthy
2020Barsi, M.Varga, B.SW development for the creation of HD OpenDRIVE models for autonomous vehicles3.
2020Gressai, M.Tettamanti, T.Estimation of roundabout turning rates2.
2020Lizarraga, J.C.L.Esztergár-Kiss, D.Assessment of travel behaviour related to new mobility services
2020Gressai, M.Tettamanti, T.Estimation of turning rates in roundabout2.
2019Stahorszki, P.Tettamanti, T., Bécsi, T.Framework for SUMO traffic simulation based AI trainingpraiseworthy
2019Conrado Braga, ZagabriaEsztergár-Kiss, D.Developing a model to select and rank sustainable workplace mobility plan measurespraiseworthy
2018Gressai, M.Tettamanti, T.Comparison of different types of roundabouts and signalized intersections depending on traffic and infrastructural parameterspraiseworthy
2018Kerényi, G.Esztergár-Kiss, D.Creation of mobility packages based on the MaaS concept2.
2018Szalai, M.Tettamanti, T.Communication interface development  for Vehicle-in-the-Loop (ViL) testing of autonomous cars2.
2017Béres, O.Tettamanti, T.Data mining and GIS analysis of the bicycle-sharing system of Budapest (MOL BUBI)3. and special price
2016Maász, R., Szaradics, K.Tettamanti, T.Safety improvement for pedestrian crossings with automatic pedestrian detection2.
2016Sukupčák, M.Tettamanti, T.Comparative analysis of roundabouts and signalized intersections by using VISSIM traffic simulations.3.
2016Tóth, A.Esztergár-Kiss, D.Software based parking supportpraiseworthy
2015Gráf, T.Tettamanti, T.Estimation of origin-destination matrix by genetic algorithm1.
2015Győri, T.Tettamanti, T.Revision of signalized junctions in the city of Kaposvárpraiseworthy
2015Krizsik, N.Tettamanti, T.The variable message sign system of Budapest and its development possibility on highway M33.
2015Pásztor, P.Tettamanti, T.Development possibilities of the public transport priority in the city of Pécspraiseworthy
2015Sukupčák, M.Tettamanti, T.Development possibilities of the Budapest parking control system2.
2015Tamaskovics, G.Tettamanti, T.Distributed traffic signal control using wireless smart signal heads2.
2014Horváth, M.T.Tettamanti, T.Travel time estimation in urban traffic network by using data fusion3.
2014Lukács, J.Esztergár-Kiss, D.Development of a location strategy of access control gates through specific metro stations2.
2014Tamaskovics, G.Tettamanti, T.Traffic signal control by using PLC based smart signal headspraiseworthy
2013Jenes, G.Tettamanti, T.Application of smart signal heads in road traffic signal control3.
2013Radics, M.Tettamanti T.Optimal operation of public transport buses: startegies and implementation possibilitiespraiseworthy
2012Horváth, M.T.Tettamanti T.Comparison of automatic incident detection systemspraiseworthy
2011Bíró, S.; Ludvig, Á.Tettamanti T.Control program development of Swarco Futurit variable message sign3.
2010Polgár, J.Tettamanti T.Traffic management by number of passengers in signalized urban intersection3.
2009Agócs, F.Luspay, T.Software development for freeway traffic flow simulation2.
2009Dohány, M.Tettamanti, T.The verification of the combined crossings with traffic pending signal plan3.
2009Koncz, P.Zs.Varga, I., Tettamanti T.Review of the control of a traffic light controlled multilaned roundaboutpraiseworthy
2007Csikós, A.Csiszár, Cs.“Tramway without change” – development opportunities of the Budapest tramway network3.
2007Reményi, G.Varga, I.Control of traffic lights on CAN networkpraiseworthy
2006Tettamanti, T.Varga, I., Luspay, T.Freeway traffic control with coordination of ramp metering and variable speed control1.
2005Luspay, T.Varga, I.Automatic traffic incidence detectionpraiseworthy

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